Music Box Collection, Vol. 4

Digital Release: November 14, 2020

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Reproducing and remixing all or any part of the contents are prohibited.

Track List

  1. Everyday Life with Coffee (Music Box Version)
  2. Designing Our Lives (Music Box Version)
  3. Relishing the Calm Time (Music Box Version)
  4. Trees Beginning to Turn Red (Music Box Version)
  5. Autumn Leaves (Music Box Version)
  6. Autumnal Carpet (Music Box Version)
  7. Christmas Morning (Music Box Version)
  8. Gift from the Heart (Music Box Version)
  9. Praying Alone at Night (Music Box Version)
  10. The New Year Begins (Music Box Version)
  11. Sunrise Seen from the Summit (Music Box Version)
  12. Early Morning Silence (Music Box Version)
  13. Hot Chocolate in Winter (Music Box Version)
  14. Melting Heart (Music Box Version)
  15. Heartwarming Time (Music Box Version)
  16. Persistent Snow (Music Box Version)
  17. Our True Feelings (Music Box Version)
  18. After the Dawn (Music Box Version)

This album is music box version of piano track from my EP "Everyday Life with Coffee", "Autumn Leaves", "Gift from the Heart", "Early Morning Silence", "Hot Chocolate in Winter", and "Our True Feelings".

睡眠時やリラックス向けの癒しのオルゴール曲をお楽しみください。 このアルバムは、EP『Everyday Life with Coffee』『Autumn Leaves』『Gift from the Heart』『Early Morning Silence』『Hot Chocolate in Winter』『Our True Feelings』に収録されたピアノ曲をオルゴールverにアレンジしたアルバムです。